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Started by Earthling, Feb 15, 2024, 05:10 AM

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The humanity project now has tiny pods for people, goats and pigs. One step at a time one day at a time it's growing. 

SO .. I'm intrigued greatly by this idea. Earthling ... I also think the 50/50 draw as a fundraiser is a refreshing alternative to the others we have experienced.  I noticed the transparency bit of their website says "under construction" ...
You mentioned they recently acquired the farm?  I'm dig'n still but, you seem to have a closer view on this team... They are not new to helping people either, council meeting video on the website is dated 2016.  

Cant wait to hear more details! 

Skip social media .. find the facts direct from the site - https://thehumanityproject.ca/

Today's Update from Facebook.

The Humanity Project
"We would rather take the time to put the quality of care into these people so that when they leave, they don't have to return to our streets or the shelter system."
Video by Suzanne Lapointe
A lot of people are asking how they can help.
If you would like to help or volunteer with us, have any questions then please stop by 449 St.George Street, send us a message, give us a call at 506-382-6840 or visit https://thehumanityproject.ca/how-to-help/
The POWER for CHANGE is within ALL of us.✌️
We also run a weekly 50/50 for our farm project that helps build a better community for all of us.
It's a WIN-WIN!!!
If you want to purchase some tickets then you can do so here —> https://www.rafflebox.ca/raffle/humanityproject
OR At these locations
Coverdale Convenience - 1017 Coverdale Rd, Riverview
Cooke's Country Store - 2995 Main St, Hillsborough
Dan's Damages - 3148 Main St, Salisbury
The Humanity Project - 449 St.George Street, Moncton
People helping people is what it's all about.❤️
Thank You ALL for the support.
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#BeTheChange #Farm #Farming #Addiction #Recovery #RecoveryIsPossible #Homeless #Homelessness #Poverty

Some Bikers in action helping community again.  Charlie has acquired a large farm out in rural NB. He has saved many homeless addicts and now can add more to the farm.