BREAKING Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after a container ship hits it

Started by rAiLrOaDeD, Mar 26, 2024, 08:28 AM

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MV Dali and Port of Baltimore Update - March 27, 2024
Yewtube Channel: What is Going on With Shipping?
⏱️ 15 ish minutes.

Those little balls of light light up perfectly with the hazard lighting on the top of the bridge for air traffic.  Would those lights combust?
If you watch the original footage.   🧐

And it begins...
Was there Dynamite 🧨 On the Bridge ?

Live - Local Emergency Service Coms - Press Conference at 9:30 am EST

The container ship that took out the bridge in #Baltimore went under the Verrazzano-Narrows bridge a week ago

Construction workers were working on bridge when it was hit ... rescue still looking for survivors...

2 people have been rescued so far, one person walked away, the other person serious injuries.

TV 11 Baltimore - LIVE

Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after a container ship ran into it